It’s always extremely refreshing when a well-known producer steps outside their comfort zone and makes something completely unexpected. It allows the listener access to another side of that person and their collective experiences, as well as displaying their versatility and talent as an artist. Liquid Stranger and Khadafi Dub did just that with their latest collaboration, creating a sound and vibe we never would have expected to hear from them. The fourth installment in Liquid Stranger‘s Anomaly series, ‘Mr. Unbreakable’ is a chilled out, ambient hip-hop track with elements of dub reggae; those deep basslines and rhythmic hi-hats will have you bobbing your head for days. While Liquid Stranger wows you with his production, Khadafi Dub keeps the vibe steady with smooth and emotional vocals.

‘Mr. Unbreakable’ is one of two tracks on Liquid Stranger‘s Anomaly Four EP, which will be available for purchase on October 13th via Warpath Group. In the meantime, check out this stunning lyric video the two created to present their track in a more visual medium.


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