Porter Robinson has made an astounding decision. Early this morning, he regretfully announced the cancellation of the Germany, France, and Finland legs of his critically acclaimed Worlds tour.

His reasoning:

“… a certain sized venue is needed to communicate my vision for worlds with the video and light production that is crucial to the show… but the venues are too small to accomodate this size show.”

Although there are mixed reactions from fans over this controversial decision, it is clear that Porter isn’t concerned about the money he will inevitably lose. He purely wants to provide an experience that he is proud of. In fact, the incredulous production value of this tour has lost him money over it’s breadth thus far (discussed in detail below).

Refunds will soon be available to all current ticket-holders for these particular events, so be sure to check his socials to stay updated on the situation.

Leave us a comment below! We want to know what you think about this radical choice made by the massively popular Porter Robinson.