Interesting developments have come to light recently over the Deadmau5 and Disney trademark conflict. In an over 1,000 page response, Joel opens up about the fact that Disney had approached him to “re-imagine” the classic Fantasia for its 75th anniversary, which would include live performances. Given that Deadmau5 has been popular since even before this inquiry took place a year ago, it makes one wonder just why Disney is just now having issue with Deadmau5’s trademark head.

More recently, Deadmau5 lost out on remixing the Star Wars theme for Disney, as well as a spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show, due to higher ups at ABC removing the proposal. Since Deadmau5 is getting ready for a big merchandise push, which resulted in the necessity of a Trademark, Disney felt the pressure to subdue that. Why exactly? We can’t be too sure. For the full story, head over to The Hollywood Reporter who has an exclusive on this story.

Exhibit 28 – Fantasia Live

Source: Hollywood Reporter