This is a story from 2014 but given recent twitter spats between deadmau5 and other artists, we thought it relevant to show just how much of a good guy Zimmerman really is.

People seem to forget that between all of the hateful tweets and seemingly constant attacks against other producers, that Joel Zimmerman is actually quite the nice guy. He has a “horde” of loyal fans and when one of his horde is attacked, he steps up to help out.

A fan of deadmau5 named Zac Campbell was attacked leaving a DJ competition recently and Joel caught wind of it and decided to donate some very needed items to get Zac back on his feet.

Zac Had A Shitty Day

Long story short, Zac Campbell had a pretty shitty night recently… Ill spare you the details, but he was DJing in a small club for a DJ competition, and after he left his gig, gear in hand… he was attacked with a knife, stabbed 3 times, bitten, and beat the fuck up. All because some asshole wanted his DJ gear. Hospitalized…. but he is on the mend now, and is recovering well.

he’s been a fan, member of the horde for quite some time… and we look after our own, so… after eyeballing the gear you had, we’ve decided to get you some upgrades to help you back on your feet….

sending out a shipment for you today!  New 13” macboook with some goodies that will get you back on the decks, and producing some music…. (got wind from a friend of yours, thanks heather,  that you wanted to get into production)

Ableton 9

Traktor Kontrol S4

Native Instruments Komplete 10

so expect a care package headed your way Zac, and feel better man! The hordes got your back..

Zac is now healing up, and hopefully these items will reach him and help with the emotional aspects of the healing process.