If there’s one thing Spoken Bird is good at, it’s creating music you feel as well as hear. Hailing from the misty urban jungle that forms the Bay Area, this up and coming beat freak has been honing his sound for years and it most definitely shows; his debut EP, How Old is the Wind, is a full-on audio experience.

Featuring four completely original tracks dripping with melody and psychedelic vibes, How Old is the Wind will take you on a journey through your own mind and soul. Spoken Bird draws influence from glitch, breaks, and psy dub, fusing them into one cohesive sound that never fails to entrance the listener. Gorgeous instrumentation laid over glitchy drum breaks and supremely creative synth patterns guide you through the EP from start to finish like a curated tour of west coast bass music. If you haven’t pressed play yet, you definitely should. Peep the full stream of Spoken Bird‘s How Old is the Wind EP below and make sure to let us know what you think. If you’re feelin’ the vibes you can grab a copy of your own on Bandcamp, courtesy of Chillage Records!


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