“We went for sushi and [Diplo and Skrillex] were like, ‘Let’s try something.’ We went to Skrillex’s hotel room and he had a whole setup already and we just made that song in the hotel room,” [said Kiesza.]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows Skrillex’s background that “Take U There” was made in such an unorthodox fashion. After all, this is the man who made Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in his bedroom on a crappy laptop and an old, broken speaker. Of course, I’m sure Diplo has a little bit of adjusting to do.

In an interview with MTV, the 25-year-old vocalist Kiesza let is slip that there might be some more collaborations coming down the road, as well. “We’ve already started working on some other stuff together,” she told us. “They’re just very good people, very easy to work with. They’re very fun and inspirational.”