Mix up Skrillex and Diplo’s JACK U, a little electro, some big room, and Slander, then you get something quite dope indeed. The Los Angeles duo remixed “Take Ü There” in a big way and fans have been responding as though free money is being given out. Although this track is money, you don’t have to spend any to get it. If they were going for a mainstage destroyer, they got it. Even though it has a big booming sound, it still has that light touch that would make it work in a more intimate atmosphere like a club. Electro to trap is something that tends to get abused, but I was not even expecting it a little bit in this track. It was so right though. Get yourself a copy of the remix and party your ass off this Wednesday. Who cares if it’s the middle of the week; let this Skrillex and Diplo remix be your escape.

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