Calvin Harris‘s Blame wasn’t a bad song, but it wasn’t entirely great either. I could be biased, but honestly John Newman’s vocals sound like something straight out of South Park. Again, not they were bad. It’s just really hard to take a song seriously when it sounds like it’s being sung by a slightly more talented British version of Mr. Mackey. So, how do you make something mediocre into something stellar?

According to Good Life it’s to go deep. Who is Good Life? Not really sure, but they’re from Chicago and they make good tropical stuff. They also happened to create stellar tropical stuff out of Calvin’s not so great original.

Good Life, manages to preserve a similar vibe to the more lulled out portions of the original, which in my humble opinion are the best bits. But, that’s not really what makes this tune great. The vibes are on point, but most notably, the Team America level vocals have been deepified… Scientifically speaking, deepified vocals can turn just about any noise out of the human voice box into rich and seductive tonality. Couple that with a sexy groove, some moody keys and bam, future gold. It’s a free download, don’t miss out.


Calvin Harris Ft John Newman – Blame (Good Life Cover) [Free Download]