The San Franciso duo Wild Boyz! (not to be confused with Steve-O and the late Chris Pontius) are coming at you hard and dirty with their latest hybrid trap banger, ROZAY! Jared and Kean aka Wild Boyz! have been dishing up bass heavy music since early 2012 and have honed their style through a series of originals and remixes.

Filth and swagger meet head on in this festival ready, street justice delivering, monstah tune. Hip-hop horns and impacts work to build “street cred” with the follow up drop hitting with a “don’t give a fuuuu” sort of intensity that is surpsingly lacking in a lot of trap music. This free tune is guaraunteed to make you say ‘Uhhh’

Bust out the ROZAY and get down to a Your EDM certified gangster tune!


Wild Boyz! – ROZAY (Original Mix) [Free Download]