TORN is back with another remix, but this time he comes even harder than the last. “Hey Love” by Quadron got flipped into what just may be my favorite electro/complextro tune of the month. It’s straight up gnarly. Reminiscent of Feed Me and Wolfgang, this remix shows off just what TORN is capable of doing. His creative abilities can’t be pinpointed to one genre, and even though that is the case for many producers, TORN is one of the ones that people really need to watch out for. Aside form making “Hey Love” a dancefloor bombshell, he is able to make it so much more than a banger. When you listen, you can’t deny the musical ability this Swede has. You can only stream the track for now, as well as show it some love on Hypem. He reached #1 with his last song, can he do it again?

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