I hold Odesza’s In Return in extremely high regards. It is one of my absolute favorite albums of this year, and I will testify to that. That is part of the reason why it seemed so odd to me to hold a remix contest for the main single “Say My Name.” Surely, for a track of such quality, Odesza would want to carefully handpick those who put their own spin on it. I have listened to a wide variety of remixes in all styles from big room to dubstep and none of them have done for me what the original did.

Sean Jeria, in my opinion, has gotten the closest. The track by all means is unchanged, and yet Sean Jeria still manages to put a very unique touch on it. His version is a lot more downtempo and a lot less future-oriented, opting instead for a more psychedelic feel while still retaining many of the lead synths. I think the reason I like this version the most of any that I’ve heard is because it doesn’t try too hard to change the original in any drastic way. The original is so damn near perfect that it would be foolish not to use as much of it as possible.