Finally, it’s here. We, along with numerous fans, have been waiting for Monsters 5 to drop; although we had some samplers prior to release, we get the whole Figure pie now. It’s Figure, so you know there’s going to be a lot of bass. On top of warning you about the explosive low frequencies, I must also warn you about the ghouls that lay lurking in the compositions of these tracks. Scary? Yes, but oh so beautiful.

First of all, having thirteen tracks is highly appropriate, two of which we have already talked about in past features. Dubstep tracks like “House on Haunted Hill” and “Freddy Kruger,” which is to be somewhat expected, but you also get other styles of bass music that further express the musical chops of this terrific producer. With Figure coming from the dub background, it’s no surprise he’s able to pump out huge electro jams like “Monster Mania” and “Friday The 13th” that will absolutely cause crowds at Terrorvision to go ballistic. He even tosses in a moombahcore single with “Jason Is Dead.” Although Figure can do it all on his own, he enlisted some talented contributors for the album including CasOne, D-Styles, Kool Keith, Brawler, Bitter Stephens and Dirty Deeds. Not only is the album a must listen, but it is a must buy. For those who can handle the madness, head over to iTunes to grab a copy.

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