It’s safe to say that hybrid trap is where this whole bass wagon has been headed for a while. Dubstep started sounding like a person with A.D.D. flipping through bass samples with a remote control and trap had been too simplistic for it’s own good. Why not combine the best of both worlds and take those raunchy 808s and compliment them with some dirty growls? Several artists have been able to pioneer this new style, while Dubsef and WHIPPED CREAM seem to be right on top of the movement.

On their original track “Anticipate,” they took a more bounce forward approach with a fluttering kick and pitch bent laser progressions that keep the track evolving up and down the scale. This one is still a little thugged out for the dub-heads but we don’t really see how anyone could not catch the rhythm of this massive beat. Make sure to grab a free download of the track below and hit up the guys on their socials. | | | |