Last month, MitiS released his Oasis EP, whose title track features the producer/vocalist Crywolf. These two are currently on tour, and Bear Grillz is with them. This means that there are two things that you need to do: purchase a ticket for the tour, and download the free remix. BG doesn’t really disappoint ever, let’s face it. Plus who doesn’t love a bear who wears bling? Especially when that bear can produce the shit out of a tune. This new found “Oasis” is much more aggressive than the original, which makes it a great tool for live shows; can you imagine a five hundred or a thousand (or more) millennial ravers going ham to this? Because I can, rather easily at that. The Bear just keeps doing his thing, and I am loving the results. Beware, because there is sure to be plenty of more bangers where this came from.

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