Complextro is a large reason why I got into electronic music. Back when I was first discovering EDM, artists like Insan3lik3 and Pegboard Nerds were the coolest thing. Sometime last year, I came across Nocturnalz and I had the same wondrous feeling I had when first discovering electronic and complextro. Since then I’ve consistently enjoyed every release by Nocturnalz, so when we worked out this premiere I was a little more than excited.

There is so much feeling to this track, at no point did I feel like any section was filler, waiting for a big drop or wasting my time. There are influences of anime present as is the case with some of Nocturnalz’¬†older works like “Virtual Love”. This might come across as a little odd to say about a track like this, but it had me thinking of Porter Robinson’s album Worlds and how both evoke this sense of beauty. I can probably think of a dozen more ways to say it, but I love this track and how nostalgic it makes me feel.