To the dismay of many, it has been reported that two deaths have occurred at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this past week. Although both causes have not been confirmed, it is stated by local press that drugs may have been involved. The two individuals who passed away were a twenty-one year old Dutchman, and a thirty-three year old Serbian man. A statement was released by ADE’s director, which you can read below. It pains us to have to report these incidents, but our sympathies go out to those individuals close to these two men. For you ravers out there, let this serve you as a reminder to be safe and responsible, no matter your age.

The ADE organization is shocked by these tragic accidents. We are in close contact with all of the venues, municipalities and emergency services that are part of the ADE Festival and every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of the audience at all participating venues. Each venue is responsible for its own security and door policy and a comprehensive inspection is also completed at every venue entrance.

Drug use is not tolerated in any way and ADE and its partners make every effort to ensure that people are behaving responsibly at the event. Ultimately there is a limit to what we can do and individuals must take responsibility for their own actions. Our thoughts are with the families and friends at this time and we would like to express our deepest sympathy to them.
Richard Zijlma, ADE Director

Update: It has now been reported that a third attendee of ADE passed away yesterday morning at the hospital. The police has reported that the cause of the 41 year old woman’s death was related to drug use. You can read more on the matter here: Parool

Source: Resident Advisor