A few weeks ago, Above & Beyond held one of their biggest performances to date at Madison Square Garden for their 100th edition of Group Therapy Radio. This record breaking show shared new music from A&B’s upcoming album We Are All We Need alongside classic music from the trio and spectacular tunes from Arty, Andrew Bayer, Boom Jinx, Norin & Rad and many more. The venue packed with as many fans as it could fit, but two fans got a little something extra.

One of the newest traditions for Above & Beyond to do at their live performances is to bring up one member of the audience and have them “push the button” before a song drops. In the past, “Sun & Moon” would be the track of choice for the button-pushing. However, this time the song was one of their latest singles called “Blue Sky Action” featuring Alex Vargas. As the hype rose through the crowd, Jono was making the final touches on leaving the track on an infinite loop, Paavo was cheering right by his side, and Tony went to the crowd and grabbed two ecstatic, young ladies to do the honors.

This spectacular moment was captured on video from the massive event and you can click, watch, and dream to be the next fan to get next to Above & Beyond and push the greatest button in the world.