Skrillex’s highly awaited Navy Pier performance in Chicago was host to over a dozen hospitalizations following high drug use, confirmed by the venue’s spokesman. An EMS source told NBC Chicago that most of the hospitalizations were related to drug overdoses.

The President of CrowdRX, Andy Bazos shed some light on Chicago’s policy pertaining to who gets transported to hospitals versus who gets treated onsite:

“The policy in Chicago has been to take anyone who presents to the hospital,” Bazos said. “We’re there for people who haven’t been smart, and safety is number one.”

CrowdRX takes care of medical safety for SFX, which was the promoter for this event. Bazos went on to discuss his thoughts on the lack of an age limit for the show.

“It has brought a young, crazier demo,” he said, “but also immature. If their parents were there, they would have gone home with their parents. It’s not fair to make the promoter take care of kids who don’t know how to behave. … They’re young, and they’re often irresponsible.”

A total of 16 people were transported to 4 different hospitals during the show last Saturday.

Source: NBC Chicago

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