Following Hardwell’s second year in a row being crowned as the worlds number one DJ based on DJ Mag’s “Top 100 DJs” survey, the man himself is ecstatic and as he states, “euphoric and emotional”. After playing a set at the Amsterdamn Music Festival, DJ Mag caught up with Hardwell, literally caught up with him, as he was mid-flight to the Brixton Academy; to talk with him about topics along the lines of: how he’s feeling, his next projects, personal life and DJ Mags “Top 100 DJ” competition of next year.

I would like to state that although this win marks Hardwell’s victory for two consecutive years, there is absolutely no showboating, gloating or above it all attitude elicited from the powerhouse DJ. He is absolutely cool and down to earth even after playing a huge set in Amsterdam and winning this world renowned DJ competition. Have a listen and watch the video below and tell us what you think.

-Chris W-