Dim Mak has always been on the forefront of releasing a diverse collection of dance music over the years and it looks as though the founding father, Steve Aoki, wants to go even deeper and branch outside the synthesizers and drum machines with a release from AFI‘s Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget. The duo formed the straight-edge (a counter-culture that arose from the punk scene that proudly wears their abstinence from drugs and alcohol) hardcore outfit entitled XTRMST in early 2012 and are gearing up for their first major release.

“I got into straight-edge hardcore when I was a teen. It was my community, it was the reason I picked up a guitar, it’s the reason I was in bands, and ultimately it was the reason why I started Dim Mak,” says Aoki.  “I met Davey a while back and we bonded over our shared experiences in straight-edge culture. We found a lot of kinship there, and so it made sense for us to release an album that represents the spirit of what originally birthed Dim Mak.”

What do you think about the switch up? Whether it’s your jam or not, does EDM labels branching out into other genres sound appealing? Let us know in the comments!