Our second live episode of the Aspire to Inspire series will feature Valentino Khan. So much more than a mustache and great productions. The perfectly groomed facial hair and musical roots are indicative of his talent and integrity as an artist. They also showcase individuality and fearlessness in this industry that has become somewhat formulaic over the last few years.

In this episode of our ATI podcast, we get to know the man behind the mustache. In the simplest terms, he is a super chill dude who likes to hang out with his friends and laugh a lot. Born and raised in LA, he was able to watch the migration of DJs/Producers to the metropolis that is a music industry mecca. Eventually, everyone who is anyone makes the move to the west coast, where they all collab and trade tracks and share studio time, like people did before the internet.

Khan is a moombahton OG, highly regarded within that niche genre. However, anyone who has seen him live knows to expect the unexpected, and he has proven over the years that his music exists outside of any particular genre. For him, it is simply about making music and connecting with others through that music. His versatility has allowed for that connectivity to be widespread. His fans have followed him through the ranks, and the industry holds him in extremely high regard. Everyone seems to love him for him, and he stays true to himself which keeps this positive energy between him and everyone else flowing steady.

With an old school mentality remixed into a new school mindset, he has changed and evolved with the times to become one of the realest dudes in a sordid industry. Real is somewhat relative when you are Valentino Khan though; releasing an EP on OWSLA and hanging with Skrillex and Nick (Bro Safari) yet remaining so grounded. He makes it all look pretty easy. Keeping it real going right to the privilege of hanging out with the elusive legendary comedian Dave Chappelle. None of these dreams came to fruition by accident. He took risks and gave himself completely to his passion, and overcame certain adversities to get where he is today.

Yet he manages to stay completely down to earth, connected with his fan base, and keeps true to this mantra of not wanting to be pigeon holed or defined by any one of his inspiring attributes. It is evident in talking with him that he has insurmountable wisdom and experience, even though he displays nothing but humility and kindness to those around him.

Come get inspired with us and catch Valentino Khan on Aspire to Inspire live (via YourEDM.com) Tuesday, October 28th at 8pm EST.