Insomniac Event’s BOO! event has been cancelled will be joining forces with Pier of Fier. BOO!, the debut Halloween night concert, featured Knife Party as the headliner, and the event was scheduled to take place in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. But good news: those in New York will get two parties in one, as all Boo! artists will join RPM Presents’ Pier of Fear lineup at Pier 94 on Friday, October 31. See the full artist lineup below, and be sure to get your tickets here.

Adventure Club
Knife Party
DJ Snake
Tommy Trash
Milo & Otis

UPDATE as of 10/29/14: Insomniac has provided more information regarding BOO! around refunds, set times and capacity. Here are the details from their site:

“We’d like to take a minute to sincerely apologize to all of our East Coast fans that have been negatively impacted by the venue change for our BOO! Halloween Massive. Our intentions were to build a better experience for our attendees by moving to an all-GA venue, but because we did not properly communicate the discrepancy regarding ticket pricing, our efforts created complications and confusion.

First and foremost, BOO! is not cancelled, but has been relocated to Pier 94 and merged with Pier of Fear. We encourage you to send further inquiries to [email protected], but here are answers to some of your most-asked questions:

Refunds – While BOO!/Pier of Fear is an 18+ GA event, a number of different seating options and ticket prices were offered for BOO! at Barclays Center. Because those options do not apply at Pier 94, we will be offering partial refunds for everyone who paid more than $50 for their ticket, not including service fees. We feel this amount is in line with current and pre-sale Pier of Fear ticket prices. That means if you paid $79.50 for your BOO! ticket, you are entitled to a refund of $29.50. If you paid $69.50, your refund would be $19.50. If you qualify for this refund, there is no action needed on your part to obtain it, and you should be receiving an email after the event stating your refunded amount.

Although these refunds will be processed early next week, please allow 7-10 days for the funds to hit your account.

If you’re not interested in coming to BOO!/Pier of Fear and would like a full refund for your BOO! ticket, please contact Ticketmaster at [email protected]. Full refunds will be processed in advance of the event.

Remember: If you would still like to attend BOO!/Pier of Fear, you will need your original ticket to gain entry.

Set Times – To accommodate all the artists and allow for hour-long sets, we’ve extended the hours for BOO!/Pier of Fear to 8pm – 4:30am. Set times will be announced Thursday, October 30.

Capacity – We can’t promise this event won’t be any more crowded than a sold-out show at this particular venue, but we can guarantee that it will not be oversold, and we’ve taken steps to closely monitor the number of tickets we’ve made available.

We know how important Halloween is for our fans, and we’re truly sorry for our lack of clear and concise communication. We want this to be a very special night for everyone, and we’re going to do our best to deliver a safe and incredible show.”

UPDATE as of 10/28/14: We would like to update our prior report with some new information that was made available to us. Insomniac Events has finally publicly announced that while not cancelled, BOO! is “joining forces” with Pier of Fear, which for all intents and purposes means BOO! isn’t taking place and Pier of Fear is getting a stacked line up. Here is Insomniac Events’ statement:

“New York’s two biggest Halloween shows just got a whole lot bigger. Insomniac’s BOO! is changing locations and joining forces with Pier of Fear for one massively spooktacular night at Pier 94.

Don’t be scared: Previously purchased tickets for Barclays Center will be honored at the pier. That’s right, you don’t have to do anything—just show up with your ticket and get ready to dance!

We can’t wait to see you all at the most hair-raising, bone-rattling show on the East Coast! (Should you decide not to join us, you can receive a full refund from the point of purchase.)”