It’s been a good two years since trap music has hit mainstream popularity and from the sounds have been lifted from the streets of South Atlanta to all over the world. As more and more are exposed to the 808 ridden beats new styles are bound to surface and one of the most exciting scenes for a new take on danceable hiphop has come out of Paris, France. The scene is lead by heavyweights Tomsize, Simeon, and Flechette, although they have brought up other characters such as KIMFU, who we are featuring today.

KIMFU‘s beats are distinguished by big boisterous kicks and a flow that mimics southern trap but maintains a euro style that utilizes a unique set of synthesizers and sounds. For his remix of Joeystarr & Nathy Boss‘ “Dans Mon Secteur,” KIMFU brings that French design to a track that already goes super hard. The remix is available for free here, so grab it today and rate. | |