California’s own Dropout crew has released a new free original entitled “So Long” that they did with ZADA. The trio have yet to release a track, so this premiere is helping to jump start things in the right direction. They already put in the work on the soothing love trap production that will grace your ears in just a few short moments. In an attempt to convey deep emotions, the acts work together for a track with both lyrical and musical merit. After a long day of working on a Monday, I’ll be ready tonight to lay my head back and escape with chill tunes like this. Now that I have heard their first track, I am interested to see what else is in store for these three. Hopefully soon more will come, but for now, get yourself a copy of “So Long.”

We felt excited because we felt that it was different enough to be fresh and new while also having integrity as a song. It’s something that someone could on a piano or guitar if they wanted to.”

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