If you’re in the mood for a dreamy, airy tune that floats your essence along like a spirit wind, look no further. Jeff Sontag, has taken Rubee Rayne‘s ethereal original ‘Dont Say You Love Me‘ and pushed it further into the cosmos.

Sontag‘s vocal redux blends wonderfully with atmospheric filter work on the synths, prominent percussion, and vibey pads. The feel is melancholy much as the title would suggest. Truly, this a pensive track in the fullest definition. The places it will take you are not necessarily warm and fuzzy, but rather thoughtful and introspective. Ragers beware, this track is not a hands up tune. All in all, this a very artistic release from Jeff, who’s work is a varied as it is well done. Definetely a different vibe from his recent work with Barely Alive. Grab this thought provoking piece for free download and peep it below.


Rubee Rayne – Don’t Say You Love Me (Jeff Sontag Cover) [Free Download]