Last April, we sat down with one of bass music’s biggest personalities, Wick-it the Instigator, and he let us in on his plans of releasing a ton of new music as a collection. The time has come for the flood gates to be dropped and the tunes to be unleashed on your sound library. Just to get you salivating, Wick-it has dropped “He Gets Wick-it.” a hip-hop tempo-ed, futuristic bass tune that has more bounce than Kate Upton’s sweater kittens while she’s running on the beach. If you’ve ever seen Wick-it live, than you know he likes to kick out the guitar and lay down some licks over his tracks, so it is only fitting that this new beat is complimented by his own six string live instrumental. Get your weekend started right by grabbing a free download of “He Get’s Wick-it,” below and rate! | | |