In my personal experience, I have yet to hear a Monstercat nu-disco release that I didn’t love. “One Look” doesn’t look to be changing that anytime soon. This infectious hit from LVTHER (who is TwoThirds’ alias) featuring vocals from “Mammals” is something that feels very honest. It feels vulnerable and open, weird ways to describe a song I know, but it feels like the emotions expressed are something thats been on LVTHER mind for a long time and this is him getting it off his chest. The lyrics lead me to believe the song is about dealing with love at first sight, being so absolutely and completely captivated in that moment that you lose thought on anything else. I think this song expresses something everyone has felt at one point or another and something very relatable. It can be common for lyrics to take a backseat in electronic music but in this case, they’re really what makes the song feel so personal and intimate.