Another Toolroom Favorite, and my personal favorite as well, are Prok & Fitch. They now introduce their first, brand new EP series entitled White Label 01. Prok & Fitch bring forth the cutting edge of dance music, as they showcase four hot and new talents from Mario Ochoa, Drunky Daniels & Nateus B, and Dean J. Marriot.

White Label 01 EP starts off with their original mix, “Rebound”. It’s a rich tune, as they intertwine the thick, underground sound with a dash of a climatic, club vibe that will keep you going till the nights end. Second track you will listen to is Mario Ochoa’sSo High”, as he sinks deep into the infectious, after hours beat.

By the third track you will drift through a different aura, as you will experience a funky, disco-rhythm from Durnky Daniels & Mateus B’s “Fabulous”. I can definitely say it’s a fabulous and reviving tech-house tune. The funk continues with the last track, “Got This Feeling” by Dean J. Marriot. It’s one of those tracks that just makes you want to get up and celebrate life because of its refreshing, uplifting beat and vocals. White Label 01 EP taps into different elements and spectrum’s of house music that will have you enjoy and appreciate the variety that Prok & Fitch deliver with their first, brand new EP series.

Buy your own copy of White Label 01: HERE