Ilan Bluestone is unstoppable. While he first made waves with tracks like “Sinai” almost 2 years ago, the last 18 months have made the Anjunabeats star a household name. After finishing 2013 strong with remixes for Mat Zo and BT, he teamed up with Jerome Isma-ae for the massive hit “Under My Skin.” Ilan began the year with his first EP “Big Ben” , just in time to give US fans a taste of what was to come at Miami Music Week. He kept the momentum going by sticking to a formula that worked: big remixes for Anjunabeats artists and more collaborations with Jerome Isma-ae. With tracks for Anjunabeats Vol. 11 under his belt, he toured the US over the summer alongside Isma-ae, finally pacifying frenzied masses with his big room tunes. Fans were overjoyed to see his name announced for Above & Beyond Group Therapy 100 as it was the first time Ilan would perform in New York City. Ilan opened the live stream by practically leveling the place with his most popular tracks, as well as giving listeners the chance to listen to his new Snapdragon EP which is finally available today.

The EP opens with “Aurora,” and as the name suggests, the track is skillfully layered with synths before a slightly darker drop reminiscent of his previous work “Big Ben”. Ilan’s strengths as a producer lie in his incredible ability to release an entire EP without lyrics. While many would center EPs and albums around radio-friendly tunes, Ilan Bluestone keeps his head down and treks on with heavy bass lines instead.

Those who watched Ilan’s ABGT100 set will remember “Atlantis” as the track that opened the entire broadcast. The track’s slow, yet cinematic build is one of Ilan’s best tracks to date. During an interview with Your EDM earlier this year, Jerome Isma-ae praised Ilan for his skill to lock down melodies, which is proven once more in “Atlantis.” Want to relive the powerful opening moments of his ABGT100 set? Listen to the full set on Soundcloud.

The titular track “Snapdragon” closes out the EP on a much softer yet still technically strong note, showcasing Ilan’s mastery of well crafted progressive house music. “Snapdragon” completes the trilogy on a lighter note, as if to leave the listener with hope for a bright future ahead.

The Snapdragon EP is a clean way to wrap up the such a big year for Ilan Bluestone. With many new achievements under his belt, 2015 looks even more promising for this groundbreaking legend. You can purchase the 3-track EP presented by Anjunabeats on Beatport today.