The new EP from UK producer Skapes blends classic house and garage influences with the modern sound of deep house into something genuinely fresh and exciting.  Instead its a subtle, cinematic piece of visual art. We caught up with Skapes to try and establish what his influences are and where he sees bass music going in the future. In addition, make sure to check out the video for the title track ‘Shadows’ below.

 Hi Skapes. Love your new EP! It’s a blend of lots of different styles, House, UK Garage, I think I even hear some drum & bass and jungle influences in there. What inspired you when making it?

Wassup! Drum n Bass/jungle was the 1st electronic music I got into (previously a thrash metalist). I’ve made many styles of music under different guises but a lot of it I guess has some dnb influence. I was really into Speed Garage (in its short lifespan) so you might hear that in there too. There’s so much amazing music being created at the moment so it’s not hard to get inspired.

Can you give us three classic tracks that have shaped the Skapes sound?

These 3 all have killer basslines and had some influence on me.

*187 Lockdown – Gunman

*Second Protocol – Basslick

*Future Forces Inc. – Dead By Dawn (The Final Chapter)

It feels like there are lots more ‘classic’ influences coming back into the bass music scene now. How do you see it developing?

Maybe things will get a bit more beat driven and less about a stand out bassline, but I’ve no idea! I try not to think about that stuff too much or I’ll start imagining what music will sound like in 1000 years and get freaked out. 🙂

Have you been happy with the reaction to the EP?

Yes, had some great feedback from DJs and producers I admire. Monki quite kindly gave mine and Tigerlight’s track ‘Shadows’ a spin on Radio 1 in the UK, so cheers Monki! 🙂

You’ve worked with a few people on this project. Can you tell us a bit about the collaborators on the EP and how those collaborations came about?

’You Don’t Stop’ with Ke-an is a collab with my very good mate Mike Andrews. We used to make quite a bit of techno together a few years back.

’Shadows’ features a vocal from the very talented Tigerlight. We hung out together when she played in Bristol a little while back and made a plan to work together. I sent her the track and she did her awesome vocal. I probably changed the b-line 4 or 5 times.

’Touch The Sky’ features a rap from US rapper Lex One, Lex and I have known each other over 10 years, from the first time I went to Miami. He was visiting the UK recently so he came to hang out, I played him the track and he wrote the vocals on the spot and recorded them in one take! A real pro!

You’re releasing this on Punks Music, which is Stanton Warriors label. How did you link up with them?

I’ve DJ’d with Dom in the States and Canada so we’ve known each other a few years. I got to know Will Streetwise (his manager) when he moved Ghetto Funk to Bristol and just sent them both the tracks. They liked them and offered to do the release. Very cool 🙂

I heard you’ve remixed them recently as well. Did you enjoy that one?

Yeah, the original is wicked so it was pretty easy and great fun to do. There are some other great remixes of the same track on the release, including a banger from Tigerlight!

Can we expect more remixes from you in the near future?

I’ve just finished a remix for Herve that will be released soon. I’m just about to start a remix of Tigerlight’s ‘All This Love’. A great tune – excited to be asked to do it!

And what else is next for Skapes?

I have a track called ’This Sound’ being released by Kissy Sell out on San City High, (I think next month). I’m working on lots of original stuff, so lots of EP’s and singles in the pipeline.

I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the road and gigging!

‘Shadows’ is out now and can be purchased here! In addition make sure to stream the exclusive video accompaniment to the title track of the record below.