Calling all EDM lovers and producers! Your EDM is ecstatic to announce a new segment we call “Fresh Face Friday”. As the name suggests, we developed this segment to cater to the closet, basement and coffee shop producers that receive very little exposure and credit for, often times, amazing work. Fresh Face Friday is broken down into weekly, monthly and quarterly phases where contestants are picked from submissions we receive from all over the world. They will compete head to head for best original song through the various phases till one remains each round. Now the best part, and what makes this so unique, is that it isn’t the faculty here that picks who wins! You all as Your EDM’s audience decide via a poll, throughout each phase, which producer keeps moving.

Here’s a little break down of how it will work! Three weeks out of every month there will be a poll showcasing three individual artists and their work. It is up to you all to listen and vote on which one is your favorite each week and determine who deserves to move on. At the end of the month after the three weeks of voting are completed; the three winners from the three individual weeks move onto the Monthly phase where you once again listen, observe and vote for whom amongst them has the best original track. Once the winner is determined, he or she will move on to Fresh Face Friday quarterly where the stakes are ginormous and the exposure is exponential. Now within each quarter, consisting of three month periods, (Jan – Mar., April – June, July. – Sep, Oct. – Dec.), there will be one monthly winner for each month. At the end of each quarter one last poll will be announced where you for the last time for that round choose which track and artist you think deserves to be crowned, “Your EDM’s Fresh Face”.

The winner of “Fresh Face Friday” each round, the one who won their weekly bracket, the monthly bracket, and also wins the quarterly phase against the other contestants will be awarded a full bio and a chance to upload a mini-mix followed by an interview onto Your EDM.

One of the biggest things that we hope to accomplish with “Fresh Face Friday” is to give the up and coming producers a shot in the industry. For all of you out there that make music but haven’t made it in the industry yet, this is your shot. Alongside that, we wanted to give everyone a say on what “good” music is while promoting local talent. It is important to remember that it isn’t any of the faculty here at Your EDM picking the winner of “Fresh Face Friday”, even though I’ll be casting my vote, it is you. You get to interact with each other and the artists, and personally vote based on your own criteria you set forth, who gets the chance to move on and win.

Now for the sake of skewing results based on popularity, each round will be genre themed, the first genre to be hosted and to kick off the Fresh Face Friday segment is going to be House. So producers, submit your original house tracks below if you want a chance to be featured on Fresh Face Friday. And remember, you will be showcasing your music to upwards of 2 million people, it is of the up most importance that you’ve put everything into your track submission. Music is a transference of energy so when we all listen and vote for our favorite song, we want to feel raw and elegant emotion! Keep that in mind.

So if you are a producer, follow the steps below to submit your track for “Fresh Face Friday”. If you are not a producer, sit tight as when “Fresh Face Friday” is live, you will have a plethora of music to listen to, and some big decisions to make.

-Chris Wood-