Diplo and Skrillex are some of the most innovative minds in dance music. In a 40 minute interview with Hot 97, the dynamic duo talk about the hip hop crossover, state of EDM, and the ever changing landscape that is music.

One of the great points they brought up is the over saturated market and how it’s so easy to upload a track to the masses. When Diplo and Skrillex were growing up, there was no Soundcloud or internet so their music was very geographically limiting. Now, they can upload a track and have heard by thousands in a matter of minutes.

The in depth interview is one of the most interesting talk that Skrillex and Diplo have done together. The unique background of hip hop in Diplo’s life, combined with the punk rock background of Skrillex, make for an innovative combination that is gonna last for years to come.

Check out the interview below: