Light Years Away” from Oliver was one hell of a tune, and now we have another version of it from the Live City cats. Ethan and Jake dish out a sweet premiere with their bouncy reboot. The funky fusion of Melbourne with electro is wonky and exciting to listen to. I can only imagine how this would hold things down with a crowd; no matter the size, it’d surely fare well. The more complex style plays into the off the wall nature of the sound. What these two created is incredible. They’ve put out records with Atlantic and Columbia, and their relatively small fanbase does not reflect the talent. There’s a reason I have featured these guys extensively, and this remix is piece of evidence to back up that reason: When Live City puts something out, you can be sure to have a nice eargasm once you hit play. Do yourself a favor and grab this single as a free download, and if you haven’t checked out their other work, please do so.

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