If you are a producer and you don’t know SeamlessR, then you need to affiliate yourself quick to this guru. If you’re simply a music listener, you should do the same, although you wouldn’t benefit from his mass of production tutorials; his music, is just as good. With this exclusive free download, you will get a taste of that talent. “Funk Fight” is a single from The R Is Silent EP, a project of an eclectic’s tastes. This particular song pushes the funk and bass in the form of glitch hop. One thing that always impresses me, and it should come as no surprise, is how many well crafted sounds can be found in a song like this from SeamlessR. A lot of producers are great sound designers, but SeamlessR has as much talent for musicality as he does for the technical side of things. “Funk Fight” is a superb example of that. And as far as glitch hop goes, this is something that will get fans into the genre, as well as gets fans of the genre mighty happy. Listen, and download.

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