To be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of Tim Berg‘s “Seek Bromance.” However, now that it has been flipped by the Newcastle producer Jerome Price, I can say I am a fan. After having a winning remix through DJCity for J-Lo and Pitbull, Jerome now has won us over with his deep take on the progressive classic. With this style being pushed in the UK and United States, a remix like this is just what music lovers have been looking for.

With seductive grooves and Amanda Wilson‘s vocals alongside each other, this club friendly jam will get your body moving and your mouth singin’. Although Jerome is just coming to my attention, he’s been in the game for nearly a decade pumping out productions. His skill is evident in this remix of a big track that’s only really been touched by Porter Robinson, and in my honest opinion, I like this take more. If you are looking for talented underground producers making a dash to the top, then look no further. Jerome Price will have you covered from here on out. Take the freebie with you and share this out to the squad. They’ll love you for it.

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