AOBeats is at it again. I have been with these guys from the gate, and by these guys, I mean the entire Moving Castle collective. They put out a wide variety of smooth, soft, beautiful baby-making music that is straight fire. This new remix of Annabel Jones‘ “Magnetic” is no exception. AOBeats adds complexity to this track, but doesn’t destroy the beauty of the original with extra noise, just finagles with it to give us this crisp, clean new version that tugs right at your heart strings. AOBeats was particularly drawn to this original because of these qualities; this haunting yet soothing feel that comes across harder through the remix than the original, in my opinion. This track goes slow and steady, a nice calm build up, and the first drop feels like cool, refreshing rainfall on a hot day. It is relief and release; it is sheer magnificence. It draws you in, captivates and mesmerizes you, and as the song is aptly titled, this remix is totally magnetic. British songstress Jones had this to say about the track:

“I was so happy when I heard that AObeats was going to remix Magnetic as I respect his vibe massively. I love the idea of remixes, hearing someone else’s take on something that already exists. Facing an interpretation of your work is a pretty cool feeling! AO interpreted Magnetic fabulously, thanks bud.” – Annabel Jones

Have a listen, grab the download, and give this track a heart on Hypem by clicking this link. I am always so thoroughly impressed by the work coming out of the Moving Castle camp, and will continue to bring you their positive vibes and hella good feels until the day the music dies (which will be never). Oh, the feels.