This week marks the half way point of the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genre portion of Fresh Face Friday. And after talking to artists and weekly participants of the contest, the next genre to be featured isn’t set in stone but if everything goes as planned, the next rotation of the segment shall be a “turnt up” one as the kids on the neighborhood block say.

But we are still a ways out from the next genre so without further ado, peep this week’s featured artists for Fresh Face Friday.

Viper Music – The Viper Room

Growing up in in Detroit and classically trained on the piano since a young age, Viper Music always had a love for Techno so his crossover from classical music to dance was somewhat inevitable. It just needed some time to marinate and evolve. Moving forward but never forgetting his roots, James strides to incorporate orchestral pieces, that stem from his classical training, into his modern day Dubstep & Electro House influences.

Viper Music on Twitter

D.R.U Sounds – The Aftermath

Our throwback from the week, Dru Sounds did an amazing job in his past round and after hearing his newest track – I had to make an attempt to have him featured once more.

After falling in love with EDM after hearing acts such as Skrillex and Zomboy, D.R.U slowly made his transition from local bands to computer producing. He attributes his move to the endless possibilities that dance music can evoke. ” There is no better feeling than making a huge sound on your own, controlling the groove, melody, arrangement, flow. This coupled with the ability to share my tracks with the world makes producing music my favorite thing in the world.”

D.R.U Sounds on Facebook & Twitter

Curshie – Gundrill

Native to Germany, Dirk or otherwise known as Curshie has been producing for over seven years now. At first it was nothing more than playing around as other things in life had priority such as his job. Now after an extended hiatus from producing, Curshie has made his rekindled debut with an appropriate sound in mind and has been producing ever since.

Curshie on Facebook

And there you have it! Hope you had a good read and listen to the artists featured for this week of Fresh Face Friday. Now vote below to enter to win a Your EDM shirt and excel one of these gents to the next level – the Monthly phase.

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-Chris W-