David Guetta, who’s pushing the age of 47, recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about his evolving sound and new album. It took David Guetta 3 years to complete the album due to his extreme focus on sounding different:

“The reason why it took me so much time is that I wanted to come with something that has not been done and I wanted to reinvent myself. One Love made me famous for that combination of urban and dance that was new at the time, but it’s been done so much. I really wanted to do something else and it was a little bit, like, a moment in my life and my career: What type of life do I want? Do I want to play it safe and apply my recipe and be like, “OK I’m at the top of my game”?”

Yes, it would appear that David is finally realizing the perils of producing generic dance music. David goes on to explain the terrible feeling of being at the height of your career and having “no place to go except down” and how it influenced his album direction. His need to stay relevant has forced him to think of bold new ways of creating dance music, but to actually follow through with that claim, remains to be seen. David also went on to describe what was different in producing this album versus all his previous releases:

“Until today I was always starting with the beat and then writing the song on it. This time I was starting with piano, voice and guitar, then producing around the song. I’ve really changed everything, like the way I was working, the people I was working with – everything.”

David, among other popular DJ’s, is finding himself in a state of limbo following this year’s festival season. Some top DJ’s are abandoning ship to embrace the deep house trend while others are focusing on finding the next creative style that will usher in a new trend in electronic music.

You can read the full interview and find out more here on Rolling Stone.