This story is for anyone losing faith in the scene. Take a trip down memory lane to a roooftop pop up party that’s vibes are still floating around in Brooklyn. This scene is ours to make what we want of it.

We are the lucky ones.

Prince Fox, Kasum, and a few of their closest friends in this instance. There is nothing more disappointing than last minute gig cancellations, unless already suited and painted on Mischief Night. Thanks for Luca Lush, who put together an even better event, a scene straight off a sliver screen somewhere.

Unfortunately, no one filmed the event.

Halloween weekend was filled with the usual festivals (HARD DOTD, Nightmare, Pier of Fear), scary and slutty costumes (even more bizarre than the usual turn up attire), and of course electronic music lovers dancing their asses off in practically every city around the globe, letting out the freak that lives inside the inner freak they bring out to shows on the regular. Whacky, zany things are bound to happen on any given Mischief Night, All Hallow’s Eve, or Day of the Dead — especially in a crowd such as ours.

2014 was no different, but there was something very different about one particular party thrown together with a quickness in Brooklyn. This is just a super story that is worth shedding light on, especially in an elitist culture such as ours.

We often lose sight of the little things in this big room, mainstreamed world of EDM in which we live, especially when surrounded by a plethora of negativity. At times it feels as though no one wants this culture to succeed at anything, even a simple evening out to dance under bright lights to good music. We need this release, yet so often, extenuating circumstances or the powers that be thwart our efforts with last minute cancellations due to unforeseen specifics. Next thing we know, we are home on a Friday night cuddling with bae or being a sadboi eating our feelings and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Fortunately for an intimate crowd in Brooklyn this past October 30th, this was not at all the case.

Partygoers with a purpose were buzzed through the door, to climb the stairs excitedly, blow open the roof and literally chill. Dancing the night away in the wind to two very talented acts, the night was nothing but good vibes. Spread the wealth.

So as some of you may have known, last night me and my buddies were going to play a Halloween party in NYC but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control it got canceled.

Everyone was pretty bummed and then all of a sudden, at 4PM yesterday my buddy Sam Lassner (Prince Fox) had this crazy idea to find some speakers, some CDJs and a place to play a small show.

Within 6 hours of this idea a party was up an running on top of a Brooklyn Rooftop. Even after 3 noise complaints, a visit from the super of the building and a special appearance by NYPD’s finest, this seemingly crazy a spur of the moment idea, turned out to be a really awesome night.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out on such short notice and a big thanks to everyone who helped get this up and running!

It’s not about how you handle success, but rather how you react when things don’t exactly go your way and the efforts taken to turn a bad situation into a pleasant one.

Mischief Night into Halloween and nothing but good vibes and happy people. Kasum’s melodic dubstep is supercharged with his own intense emotion. It seeps out through the remixes for which fans adore. Friday night he makes his debut in the City of Brotherly Love, headlining Soundgarden Hall.

Tickets sales this week have skyrocketed so don’t wait to get your $10 tickets here.

kasum at sgh