Mord Fustang arguably defines electro house and complextro music. He is one of the most universally respected and appreciated artists in electronic music. To coincide with his upcoming album “9999 in 1,” Mord has teamed up with Less than 3 and Machinima to bring fans “Plugged In With Mord Fustang”. This is a livestream event where Mord will be interviewed while playing the new Halo: The Master Collection with fans over Xbox and Mord will also be doing a live tutorial on constructing a track.This is not something fans will want to miss out on

Lester Chen, Director of Live Programming at Machinima had this to say about Mord “I knew Mord was a perfect fit for a Machinima livestream when I asked him what games he was playing and he sent over a list of over 50+ games itemized by game system. His name in the electornic music scene and Machinima’s roots in gaming will create an amazing platform to see how the two industries mix. The goal of all of this is to bridge fans from both sides who appreciate the same kinds of new age and interactive content.”

Watch Livestream 5pm pst/ 8pm est