Jauz is killing the game right now. The newest addition to the Buygore team, whose sound is a little bit of everything rolled into one, is the type of music I don’t just like. I love it. He tags his tracks as ‘jauzstep’ on Soundcloud, which is a reflection of his refusal to allow himself to be limited by genre, and also a sign that he is following in the footsteps of his self-proclaimed brother and inventor of gorestep, Borgore.

His latest track goes hard and deep, a remix of the Five Knives song, “Sugar,” released on Red Bull Records. The lyrics are punky and raw, which Jauz matches with a deep house backdrop and some shrill beats. All of it goes together in this imperfectly perfect way, jarring the senses and blowing the mind to leave nothing to imagination. I guess the Buygore family really likes Five Knives, because Kennedy Jones remixed, “All Falls Down,” some time ago. I can see why. Their gritty, raw feels translate well to the electronic world. It is a collision of worlds that tastes delicious, just like sugar.

Grab this free download, and be sure to keep an eye on yung Jauz. He will be in a city near you soon enough, touring with the Buygore Team this Fall/Winter.


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