If you stay up to date on our site, more specifically the music, then you should be well acquainted with TBMA. The Bostonites have premiered their new remix of “Somebody Loves You” here at Your EDM as a free download. Betty Who‘s new facelift is dubstep’s equivalent to love trap. The style is smooth and extremely easy on the ears. Music is supposed to be emotional, and this doesn’t lack any by any means. Even though I like some of their harder work, this has to be one of my favorite TBMA tunes to date. This is one act that certainly hasn’t pigeon holed themselves, which has resulted in some awesome works like this one. Even if you “don’t like dubstep,” you may be inclined to like, and even love, this remix. What they did has little to do with genre, and more to do with quality music. Have a listen, download, and as always, enjoy.

Free Download