Occasionally I hear about how dubstep is dead, and to that I’d refute by pointing a person in the direction of someone like Getter. Sure, there are others, but Getter has been a young leader in the bass game since 2010. Aside from that, he is somebody who has his own identity and vision to work from, instead of simply re-fabricating the current trends to stay relevant. Recently, he’s been pushing what he calls “Trench,” which isn’t a genre, and it caused the Firepower producer to enter in a different sort of trench due to some backlash around the term.

I recently had an interview with Getter so he could set the record straight regarding what he means by “Trench.” Today, the producer released Volume 1 of his Trenchlords project, which dropped as a free download. The four songs, including a collaborations with Algo and Deemer, push the trench attitude. It’s dark, it’s underground, it’s Getter. With the interview/EP together, there should be no confusion as to what happens in the trenches. Dive right in and see what Getter has to say, both musically, and verbally.

Free Download

Your EDM Interview:

1. How do you feel about genres/subgenres?

I feel like genres are necessary to classify what you like, same with certain sub genres. I’m just not a fan of sub genres that not only sound stupid, but can be put on anything that has the smallest element of that class.

2. Can you clarify the term “Trench” and what it signifies? How does one become a Trench Lord?

“Trench” is just the name of a new project of mine. I just think the name sounds tight, and is short and sweet. A “Trenchlord” is someone who I think makes fuckin’ dope music that I collaborate with and recruit to the trench project. Basically a smaller community full of quality artists I like and can collaborate the way we want to. The more Trenchlord EPs that release, the bigger the community, which means more quality, heavy music for the listeners.

3. When was the concept of Trench conceptualized?

One day I sort of came to the realization that my close friends and myself represent the heavier/underground side of dubstep. Not only that, but we know what songs can go off live and are well produced so we can push those artists through social media. So just thought why not put a name to it and create a dope project, while also being able to work with some of the dopest up and comers, regardless of followers, fame, etc.

4. Are there any producers you are looking to recruit as a fellow Trench Lord?

Anyone I repost on Soundcloud to an extent. Phiso, Algo, Haunta, Deemed, Dubloadz, Slosh, Trollphace, etc. Really just anyone I fuck with in general, or make heavy ass music.

5. Can you tell us about your Trench Lords compilation and how that came together?

I had a handful of dubstep tunes and thought of a way to tease them and get em out, so I used my outlets I have available and got some fucked up logo and art and baow: Trenchlords Vol. 1.

6. Why did you want to give this away for free?

Cuz who doesn’t like free music? That’s pretty much it. I’m not in it for the money. I just want people to go nuts and rage to good music.

7. Where do you see Trench going?

I don’t know. There’s no real goal except to push quality heavy music and get rid of that god awful term “riddim” that some 15 year old kid made up to describe dubstep. That’s all it is, dubstep. So shush.

8. What does the rest of the year/beginning of next look like for Getter?

A LOT of releases, collaborations, new projects, new labels, and probably a lot of Chipotle. No, definitely a lot of Chipotle.