Since I featured his last remix of Morley & Speo’s “Hope”Exert has been at work on a new EP titled Tripolar. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block and how exactly to frame or describe this EP to you all, and that only usually happens for a couple reasons: 1) I’ve been out the night before and only got 4 hours sleep, or 2) the work is so good I struggle to find accurate words to describe it. Well, I stayed in last night.

Exert does not follow any real tropes or styles of DnB in this EP but rather sticks to his own sound and builds upon existing trends like UK jungle and liquid, among others. “One Love” has an amazing liquid bassline and piano melodies that soar. For a young producer, he has a very mature sound. The other two tracks, “Remember” and “F-Zero”, each have their own unique sounds. “F-Zero” is the breakout track of the three, with the most energy and power behind it, but “Remember” is a grounded and dirty liquid tune oozing with sincerity.

The whole EP is available for free through SoundCloud, grab your copy now.