We here at Your EDM have been in sheer awe over the complete transformation of legendary Trancer Sean Tyas during the course of 2014 and if it’s any indication that he is on fire this year, just take a look at his past successes. First kicking things back into gear with the beautifully crafted Now You See, his followups of Ascend, Take A Moment and his recent collaboration with Giuseppe Ottaviani on Plan B has contained some of the finest melodies of this year and has re-solidified his position as one of the greatest Trance artists on Earth. However, Tyas has been quite devious in the studio lately with the release of his ultimate Tech Trance stomper entitled Unleash, whose brutal, almost overwhelming basslines have been hammered by the likes of Tech giants Jordan Suckley, John O’Callaghan, Indecent Noise and Sebastian Brandt. To give a bit of background over his miraculous journey, let’s take a look back to last year. He was deep within the Electro field with tracks like Diamondback and Level Up in order to find fresh new inspiration in the studio and when the beginning of 2014 arisen, he utilized all the skills he learned dabbling into other genres and curated that into a unique, futuristic sound that has also been quite reminiscent of his original sound, (with classics such as Lift and Banshee). While he is hard at work touring around the world and crafting his highly anticipated debut album, he has gathered enough time in order to remix a true Mark Sherry staple with the classic single of Here Come The Drums.

The original mic was released way back in 2007 on Detox Records, and it included a great remix package with mixes by Jowan, Marzz and Dave Schiemann, as well as a great Tech Trance mix from Paul Webster. To celebrate the recent birth of Mark Sherry‘s brand new label, he has been digging deep into his back catalog and letting rampaging producers run wild with a slew of updated remixes. Already, he has given the reins to Adam Ellis, Alex M.O.R.P.H., JOC, Alex Di Stefano and James Dymond on his singles of A Star With A Star and Live & Learn. Now, he has handed the keys to Sean Tyas to mix his single of Here Come The Drums into a Tech infused monster. Tyas himself even stated on Twitter that this mix, “qualifies as officially the hardest, most dirty production I’ve ever done! Good fun!” At Mark Sherry‘s official request, Tyas has made this remix harder and techier in order to fit into the Outburst sound that Mark has been carefully branding to fit his own sound. And good lord, is this puppy a full fledged beast. The opening bassline alone is fueled with heavy amounts of nitrous oxide that pushes the power to its furthest limits while awesome, space warping effects ensures that his productions are always at the top of productionary innovation. The breakdown is fulled with Jason Voorhees-esque melodies among plenty of reminiscent Tribal drums and odd, yet innovative time affected vocals provide a neat twist towards the timbral aspect of the track as powerfully bold melodies bellow in our ears with fury and raw drive. Finally, with the phrase, “Here Comes The BASS“, Tyas axe kicks us hard into the cold, concrete floor and suplexes us with some of the roughest basslines that we’ve heard in 2014, and the raw edge and bite of this track is enough to scar some faces upon first listen.

Sean Tyas‘ relentless remix to Mark Sherry & Dr. WillisHere Comes The Drum is out now on Outburst Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today. Also make sure to check out the Psy influenced Tech mix by the one and only Harmonic Rush as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q