Deadmau5 has always been one to do big things, and his next investment follows that same trend. After settling down in a 5 million dollar mansion, Joel now has his mind set on establishing a 45,000 square foot studio complex for “actual musicians”, just down the road from his mansion in the middle of a forest.

As of now there’s not much more info besides this single tweet, but the plans do come as a bit of a surprise (seeing as how Joel usually likes to hint at his next project more cryptically). That being said, the idea sounds similar to Skrillex‘ plans to develop an 11,000 square foot studio building for budding artists, and even Noisia‘s modular studio complex in the Netherlands.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Deadmau5 aims to do with this space in the future, but if his preliminary plans are any indication, we can expect a pretty massive artistic endeavor.