Burning the midnight oil has its perks, especially in a modern world where technology provides distractions for inspiration. Google and other sources for background information, fact checking, and digital tracks that can be repeated, analyzing every itsy nanosecond, so as not to miss even a beat or the silence between, yet our attention wanders to the most obscure places.

Maybe it starts with research: how old is Ookay? Where is he from? What it is his real name? Maybe you get distracted. Who just messaged me on Facebook? Switch to Twitter. Read through endless opinions about who is and who isn’t actually a DJ or a producer or a presser of many buttons, or what genre or subgenre is or isn’t in existence or twerk as a dance or type of music or pizza or kittens or the depth of one’s thirst or struggle. Swipe left, as they say in Tinder, before something not so safe for work pops up in your TL. Are we all just being catfished? Is the internet just a bunch of trolls?

Okay. Let’s be serious. Except with two Os, and especially on social media, this artist known as Ookay is rarely serious about much. People so often take him as such, which makes him a grade-A troll. He takes preposterous to a whole new level on Twitter, probably for our enjoyment as much as his own and that of his industry friends. Maybe he seriously would like to see the two replacement members of Gwar spit on Martin Garrix, or Whitney Houston’s hologram collab with Bassnectar. You should know by his hashtag that he isn’t serious.

He jokes. A lot. I’d say he and his homies joke around more than they are serious. Don’t we all, without terminology and hashtags, abbreviated words that to outsiders seem like gibberish or sometimes have our parents in a tizzy. (Relax mom, fuck her right in the pussy is just something we say – or – everyone got stickers slapped on their ass.) In my opinion, the best troll was the preview for Ookay’s EP Ghost.

It is almost more fun to watch what yung Ookay does on social media than it is to write about him. That is a deep compliment, as his personality burns as bright at the music he creates. It is astounding this kid is so young, and already with so much success under his belt. Just as shocking is how long it took for people to realize it is pronounce Oh-Kay.

Once the name caught on, it spread like wildfire. Ghost is the title of his EP, released on Dim Mak, signifies independence and versatility for yung Ookay. A statement that he can and will not be limited to the politics and silly games played by the industry. No slight to his Buygore family, as Borgore himself put out an EP on Dim Mak, and there is no ill will here. This move just further proves the freedom artists can have over their art.

His music is a statement in and of itself, a glimpse into the talent of this yung artist.

He isn’t a jester or gimmick; quite the opposite. Young sans o, a title well deserved. The title itself is something of a genius move, obviously not released in time for Halloween, so…

It all makes sense when you pay attention, down to the title of this new EP. Ghost.  Ookay takes a stab at genre wars and classifications in making an EP filled with such versatility, that it gives a big middle finger to the idea of genre and shows us that this kid is no kid at all. It is about the music for him, music that sounds good and feels good. It is trap and house, funky electro with sweet melodies, and beats that make you bounce. Bass vocals that drop down low and sweet voices that come up in perfect timing. Multi-faceted, diversified sounds that move cohesively so that each transition is crisp and clean. It just makes sense. It is his story, a reflection of him. Something serious and quite beautiful.

Survival in this industry builds immunity to trolling, at least if you pay attention to the beautiful music that comes from a company of jokers and their audience, music of love and hate, from any and every genre, coming together in a collection of songs.

This is no whisper in the night. A phantom tale to be forgotten. This is beautiful music made for us all to share. Ghost is genius, and the youth of this elusively funny artist shows more promise than we are even ready to admit. Growing up fast, he isn’t even the youngest of the clan anymore. This EP proves his versatility more than anything, so who knows what is to come. Literally, who knows with this kid?

Yung Ookay, has unsurprisingly proven himself to be greater than the hype. The best part of Ghost, is that it speaks for itself, as does Ookay’s talent. Which gives him plenty of time to troll his audiences and friends.


I first realized that some time ago when following him on Twitter, observing his interactions with colleagues, and now I got to see it first hand in this awesome interview. Play a little game, and see if you think he is trolling. Tweet him and let him know…and be sure to tell him the EP is great, even though some ghost made the whole thing.

Your success came at such a young age. How does it feel to be only 22 and be living your dreams?

It’s pretty unreal, i forget i’m the younger one of most of my friends. I’ve only knew what dance music was since 2010. Prior to that, I didn’t know anything. So it’s only been 4 years since dance music has existed in my life.

What is it like to be a part of such a tight knit group as the Buygore family?

They’re an amazing group of people and i’m glad to call the family.We help each other and go bowling and stuff like that. They’re really the ones who really pushed me to get this far.

This new EP, Ghost, is fire. What was the inspiration behind it? Did you do anything different from your other work?

Thank you! I really wanted to push the boundaries of my skill. It’s kind of a punch in the shoulder to my fans who get mad when I make anything other than trap. So I made an entire EP that’s pretty much not trap (except Egg Drop Soup). Really trying to convince everyone that i’m not a one-trick-pony.

The video you put out earlier this week is hilarious. You guys mess around a lot at Buygore. Do you get a kick out of trolling your audiences so hard?

Yes, I think shock value has played a big part in my sets even. I think some artists take themselves too seriously. We make dance music and jump around on stage and make people happy. I don’t think you need to hold a straight face all the time and have little personality show through your online profile.

What is something you are super serious about?

My visual presentation as an artist. I’m working on revamping the idea of Ookay to something visually pleasing to the eye. Creating more of a “theme” as an artist. I’m doing it a lot without any help, so i get exactly what I want.

Are you excited to go on tour with the fam? I will see you at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia. Can. Not. Wait.

It’s been too long since I’ve been to Philadelphia. Paesano’s is life! This is my first bus tour so i’m super excited! It’s going to be a wild ride!

You played a b2b set with the homie, Andrew Kennedy Jones at EDCO, and it wasn’t the first time. The fans love watching you go back to back. Big Ups. We featured you both for our Aspire to Inspire series. You guys are quite an inspiration to fans everywhere. What are some parting words for your fans? Your homies?

Keep living life to the fullest, and I can’t stress that enough. Take every chance you get in life and try to live without the ‘What If” scenario. There’s too many memories to be made! And be yourself! Time is too precious to be pleasing other people!

Check your local city for the Buygore show, a bus tour with all your favorite all stars. Should be a total shit show. Keep an eye out for the trolls, and get your tickets here.

Here are some parting words from Ookay: