These are the feels right now:

We all remember the day the music died, or the day a lot of next level never to be heard again music was deleted from Soundcloud, and not for copyright infringement. A stream of them has since resurfaced, but honestly there are surely loads more that we will probably never here. Just like Munchi, who can make a track in 15 minutes, and toss it in 15 seconds, even if it is fire as fuck. There is just one man besides Mr. Carmack himself that is privy to all these unreleased works, a magician who would never reveal secrets such as those.

If you’re sleeping on the delicious snacks from the obscure and unpredictable likes of Mr. Carmack, nap time is over. He is much more than a man, a myth, and a legend. Brilliance understates his ingenuity as a producer, and now we’ve gotten a hold of this mix. Game over. He has risen, a music making deity. From the future. This most recent mix is a reality check that we are living in the past, and Mr. Carmack is blessing us with a taste of this future in which he dwells, pumping out music at lightning speeds.

Technically since this mix was recorded at Wobble na Rua. Block Party at Vila Mimosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, even though it was a few days ago, the time difference puts it literally ahead of our time. Music in Brazil is more than days ahead of what we’ve got here. Thank you to Wobble Radio and Neighbors Hate Us, we are now privy to this gem (there’s a link to a tracklist on their post too). As Neighbors Hate Us say, this may just be Carmack’s best mix yet. The tracklist is madness, and listening to this mix will send you into a frenzy, wanting to do a combination of weird things that you definitely won’t be able to explain. It taps into parts of your brain, heart, and soul you didn’t know existed.

Listen to it now, and remember this is already in the past. It is the best thing you will hear for a very long time, of that I am sure, but Mr. Carmack is on that future shit, so don’t let your mind wander too far, starry eyed and sad for the future you can’t have yet.

Mr. Carmack, again. We’re not worthy. Hats off and bowing down to your genius. We are so not worthy.