In a scene of over-saturation and cookie cutter productions, it can be tough to find music with substance, music that tells a story. That’s why we’re glad Subatomica exists; this New Mexico based producer duo constantly strives to keep their sound fresh and original and their latest release is no exception. Lush and emotional, their remix of ScreamCreature‘s ‘Bonfire’ is like nothing we’ve heard before (outside of our dreams, at least).

While it was released just recently, the project began one year ago. Chris Culos, drummer and founding member of the alt-rock group O.A.R., created a new side project (ScreamCreature) and soon after, the group released ‘Bonfire’, their first single. The track resonated with Subatomica in a major way and before long, they were hard at work on a remix. Which may even be an understatement, considering the next level production on display here. Organic instrumentation is blended seamlessly with rolling waves of sub-bass and ambient synth pads, making for a truly entrancing listening experience. Rob Culos‘ vocals fade in and out, adding an extra dose of emotion to the mix and rounding off this stellar track. The best part? It’s all yours if you want it. Grab the free download on Soundcloud and make sure to support these up & coming audio magicians!


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