Somebody please tell me how YOOK!E‘s new EP hasn’t blown up like a ton of dynamite? Surely, it is as explosive as that, but so far the reach it has gotten does not speak for the quality of the three songs that make up i30, which was released as a free download thanks to Do Androids Dance. YOOK!E went balls to the wall with this project, which resulted in some heavy, no bullshit festival tunes of the house and trap variety. Bassheads can even enjoy themselves with this, because the focus of much of the project’s composition is around some of the wettest basses your ears are going to come across. To get any idea of just how dirty he goes, the last song, “TRiLL BiLLY” is reminiscent of Snails. Up and coming producers who make it big tend to have a release that defines them, or helps to solidify their place in the major leagues, and I’d say i30 will serve that purpose for YOOK!E. Don’t sleep on this, don’t let you Mom sleep on it, let alone your group of friends. Don’t forget to download it for free.

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